QuickBooks Training Classes

Whether you’re brand new or have used QuickBooks for years. We’ll get you QuickBooks confident.

quickbooks-trainingWho Should Attend

This course is recommended for individuals who are first time users of QuickBooks and looking to set up their company books using the software or for existing QuickBooks users looking for a refresh on the variety of basic QuickBooks features. It is also recommended for any users who are either looking to switch to QuickBooks or have switched to QuickBooks recently for handling their accounting needs.

How to Register

The best way to register is to call IAS Bookkeeping. You can contact us at 941.685.6580 and we can register you right over the phone.

Class Information

  • Half Day Course from 9am – 1pm
  • Coffee and Snacks included
  • Laptop to be provided per student with QBs Desktop for Hands on Instruction
  • Limited Seating (5 students per course)
  • Advanced Training provided on a one-on-one basis per need of individual & business
  • Monthly on-line newsletter with QBs Tips and frequently asked Questions & Answers
  • Upon completion of course, access to Advanced Self Teaching Training Manuals
  • Discounted prices for both QBs Online, QBs Desktop and Supplies

Monthly Classes Will Vary But Here Are Just A Few Of The Topics:

Set Up And Get Comfortable With QuickBooks

  • How to navigate the modules, icons and menu bar
  • Preference Set-up
  • Easy Step Interview Process
  • Inputting Company information and business type
  • Selecting the right Chart of Accounts for your specific business type
  • Choosing the start date for the company file
  • Customizing look of QBs Home Desktop
  • Entering beginning balances for accounts
  • Understanding and using Lists

Sales Transactions (AR) – Money In

  • Overview of the Customer Center
  • Setting up and creating new Customers
  • Creating Estimates, Sales Orders, Invoices and benefiting from recurring transactions
  • Receiving payments and prepayments (deposits) from customers
  • Issuing and applying customer Credits & Refunds
  • Sending Statements
  • Sales Reports
  • Collecting and paying Sales Tax

Expense Transaction (AP) – Money Out

  • Overview of the Vendor Center
  • Setting up and creating new Vendors
  • Entering bills received from Vendors
  • Entering Credit Card transactions
  • Entering Credit Memos
  • Simple tracking of transaction types – Debit Cards, ACHs, EFT payments
  • Recording written checks and making Bill Payments
  • Outstanding Bills to Paid Report

Accounting & Financials Statements – How to work with Reports

  • Understanding a Profit and Loss Report and Balance Sheet
  • Cash vs Accrual accounting
  • Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivable Reporting
  • Customize Reports
  • Create Memorized Reports

Accounting Tasks – Special QBs Features

  • Password protect your QBs Company File
  • Close the books – avoid changes to prior periods
  • Update QuickBooks
  • Protect and back-up your QBs Company File
  • How to work with your Accountant